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13.07.2013 - CACIB show in Warsaw:
- RHETSGIS SHIRLEY BASSEY - exc. 1 in bitches open class, CAC, CACIB, BOS
- Whiteheads SILVER WATER - exc. 3 in bitches intermediate class
- Whiteheads SUNSHINE REAGGE - exc. 2 in dogs open class
- Whiteheads  GEORGE CLOONEY - exc. 2 in dogs intermediate class

CACIB Warszawa 2013
Rhetsgis Shirley Bassey (CACIB) and Rivarco Carnival Samba (resCACIB)

01.07.2013 - first pups from our "J" litter are going to their new homes. Please check out new photos of the puppies at 8 weeks (the last time as "full team") at our Puppies site

A "good bye" photo from our home - little Java went to live with Sandra and Hubert in Warsaw

22-23.06.2013 - what a splendid weekend for
Ula Wirska and Fonia (Whiteheads SILVER GIRL)! First, on Saturday at Sighthound National Show in Babice the girls won BOB (the judge was Ms Marta Ruzickova from Czech), at the same time Fonia fulfilled her PL Champion tittle at 21 months. But it was not all. At finals, under Finish judge, Mr. Markku Mahonen Fonia won BIS2!!!

Fonia - BIS2 Babice

And on Sunday the girls went to CAC show to Nowy Targ. And surprise again! Fonia went BOB again and at finals BOG1! The judge was Ms Małgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska from Poland.

Fonia is trotting to get BOG

Big congratulations to Fonia and Ula! We are so proud of both of you!

16.06.2013 - we have new photos of our current 6 weeks old "J" puppies at Puppies site


02.06.2013 - new photos of our "J" litter at 4 weeks - more individual photos of the pups at our Puppies site

miot "J" - 4 tygodnie

And we have to boast again :) At CACIB "Prestige" show in Leszno our Sheila (Rhetshis Shirley Bassey), judged by a well known and respected judge, Mr. Frank Kane from Great Britain went CACIB and Best of Breeed with wonderful critique! Big thanks to Ula Wirska for perfect handling!!

Rhetshis Shirley Bassey

25.052013 - at CAC show in Bytom at her second show in life Whiteheads HAWAII gained the tittles of Junior Winner, Best of Breed and in finals... Best of Group 2!!! Warm congratulations to Bienko family, specialy to Lukasz, who presented Hawaii! 

Whiteheads HAWAII

16.05.2013 - on the 3rd of May a new litter was born. We have 3 boys and 3 girls, please check our Puppies site for more info! More photos soon.

"J" litter at 2 weeks
"J" litter at 2 weeks

17.03.2013 - we have updated our
Puppies site. All babies from our "I" litter are at their new homes, but we are very excited to wait for our new, very interesting by pedigree litter. There is also a very nice boy available at our friends' small home kennel after a girl from our breeding. Just take a look!
And here are our "I" babies at their new homes:

Whiteheads ILLINOIS
Whiteheads ILLINOIS - "Hunter" lives with Sonja and Matthew in Berlin, Germany

Whiteheads IDAHO
Whiteheads IDAHO - "Sahi" lives in Lodz and she has an older friend

Whiteheads INDIANA
Whiteheads INDIANA - "Rysia" - she found a wonderful home in Gdansk with Agata and Tomek

Whiteheads IOWA
Whiteheads IOWA - as the only one she kept her pedigree name :) "Iowa" lives in Germany with Perl family

20.03.2013 -new photos of our "I" litter at Puppies site at 6 weeks :) Big thanks to Ula Wirska for her help in taking the photos :)

Whiteheads Idaho - 6 weeks old

17.03.2013 - CACIB show in Katowice:
- Whiteheads GEORGE CLOONEY - exc. 1 in junior class, Junior Winner, Junior Best of Breed, we are so proud of this boy, unfortunately we didn't stay for BIS...
- Whiteheads SUNSHINE SONG- exc. 2 in intermediate class, lots of congratulations to her owners, Monica and Tomek:

photo: Ula Wirska

- RHETSHIS SHIRLEY BASSEY - exc. 2 in open class, res. CACIB:

Sheila - Katowice 2013
photo: Ula Wirska

09.03.2013 - CAC show in Wloclawek:
- Whiteheads SUNSHINE REGGAE - exc.1 in intermediate class, BOS, BOB and BOG2!!! Very warm congrats to him!

07.03.2013 - our puppies are 4 weeks now. Check their first stacked photos at our Puppies site!

Litter "I" - 4 weeks old
Litter "I" - 4 weeks old

01.03.2013 - our pups are growing so fast! They opened their eyes and they started to eat by themselves!

I litter & mom
Chippie with her babies

I litter - 3 weeks eating
We are eating our first independent meal (cottage cheese)

22.02.2013 - Sometimes it happens that a special person has a very special relationship with a dog. It happened to Hawaii and Lukasz. Whiteheads Hawaii together with her sister Whiteheads Havana live with a wonderful family, but from the first sight Hawaii was loved by the older son of Bienko family - Lukasz. You may not believe me, but Hawaii was also paying attention only to him from the whole family from the beginning! From the first day they are always together and Hawaii and Lukasz just can't bare without each other - it is an amazing friendship between a whippet an a 18 old Lukasz.
I am writing about this, because I understand such kind of relationship so well... I have also my "special whippet" which is always by my site - it is our Maggie - Hawaii's grand-grand mother.... We love all of our dogs, but the relation between Maggie and me is something really special...
We invite you to visit the blog of Hawaii and Havana: http://whippet-havana-hawaii.blogspot.com/

Whiteheads HAWAII
Whiteheads HAWAII in Lukasz's room with Lukasz's guitar (his second love) - a lovely photo impression by Lukasz

Whiteheads HAWAII
Hawaii and Lukasz are also training stacking for future shows :)

21.02.2013 - So it turns out that we have a strongman in the family! On the video below Whiteheads HALIFAX, Retro at home, who is not afraid of heavy things :) Lots of thanks to Kasia and Jarek for this video!

And below 2 beautiful Retro's sisters, also in winter snow - Whiteheads HAWAII & Whiteheads HAVANA. Warm greeting to their lovely family - Agnieszka, Marcin, Lukasz and Hubert!

Whiteheads HAWAII & Whiteheads HAVANA

10.02.2013 - Valentine CAC show in Bydgoszcz:
- Whiteheads GEORGE CLOONEY - exc. 1 in junior class, Junior Winner (CAJC), new PL Junior Champion (he gained this tittle only in 3 shows)
- Whiteheads SUNSHINE SONG - exc. 1/3, CAC in intermediate class (first time in adult class and a debiut of her owner in ring)
- Whiteheads SILVER GIRL - exc. 2/5 in open class


Bydgoszcz 2012
Whiteheads whippets playing outside the ring in Bydgoszcz :) - photo: Ula Wirska

08.02.2013 - We have puppies! There is 1 boy and 3 girls. More info on Puppies site

New born
New born puppies

27.01.2012 - CACIB show in Glogow:
- Whiteheads GEORGE CLOONEY - exc. 1/2 in junior class, Junior Winner (CAJC)
- Whiteheads SUNSHINE REGGAE - exc. 1, CAC in intermediate class, res. CACIB
- Whiteheads SILVER WATER - exc. 1/3, CAC in intermediate class
- Whiteheads SILVER GIRL - exc. 3/4 in open class

Glogow 2012

09.12.2012 - CAC Show in Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki:
- Whiteheads GEORGE CLOONEY - exc. 1/3 in junior class, Junior Winner (CAJC) - first time in the ring
- Whiteheads SUNSHINE REGGAE - exc. 1, CAC in intermediate class
- Whiteheads SILVER WATER - exc. 1/4, CAC in intermediate class, BOB, BOG 3
- Whiteheads SILVER GIRL - exc. 1/3, CAC in open class


Whiteheads SILVER WATER - BOG3

10.11.2012 - CACIB show in Kielce:
- Whiteheads DALLAS - exc. 1 in open class, CAC, Winner (BOS), CACIB
- Whiteheads BE MY SUNSHINE - exc. 2 in champion class
- Bokamaro MAGIC TOUCH - exc. 1 in veteran class, Veteran BOB

Kielce 2012
Bokamaro MAGIC TOUCH at 9 years, photo: Kasia Matusik
21.10.2012 -
CACIB show in Poznan:
- Whiteheads SILVER WATER - exc. 1 in junior class, Junior Winner (CAJC), Junior BOB, Junior Winner of Poland 2012,  Cruft 2013 nomination and new PL Junior Champion!!!!
- RHETSGIS SHIRLEY BASSEY - exc. 1, CAC in intermediate class

Poznan 2012

25.08.2012 - CACIB show in Bialystok:
- Whiteheads SUNSHINE REGGAE - exc. 3 in junior class
- Whiteheads SILVER GIRL - exc. 1 in junior class, Junior Winner (CAJC), new PL Junior Champion
- WHiteheads SUNSHINE AFTER RAIN - exc. 3 in junior class
- RHETSGIS SHIRLEY BASSEY - exc.1, CAC, res. CACIB in intermediate class

Bialystok 2012
Whiteheads SILVER GIRL

12.08.2012 - CACIB show in Sopot:
- Whiteheads SUNSHINE REGGAE - exc. in junior class
- Whiteheads SILVER GIRL - exc. 3 in junior class
- Whiteheads SILVER SUNSHINE - exc.4 in junior class
- Whiteheads BE MY SUNSHINE - exc. 3 in champion class
- RHETSGIS SHIRLEY BASSEY - exc. 2 in intermediate class
- Whiteheads EVEN MORE MAGIC - exc. 1, CAC, res. CACIB in open class, new Champion PL
We also met Tequila (Whiteheads SUNSHINE AFTER RAIN), who wasn't shown, but only accompanied her owner. Here are Whiteheads team in Sopot:

Sopot 2012
Whiteheads SUNSHINE REGGAE, Whiteheads SILVER GIRL, Whiteheads BE MY SUNSHINE, Whiteheads SILVER SUNSHINE, Whiteheads SUNSHINE AFTER RAIN - photo: Ula Wirska

Sopot 2012

30.07.2012 - CAC show in Bedzin:
- Whiteheads EVERY MAN JACK - exc. 1, CAC in intermediate class
- Whiteheads DALLAS - exc. 1, CAC in open class, Winner (BOS)
- Whiteheads SILVER GIRL - exc. 2 in junior class

Bedzin 2012
a walk after the show - photo: Ula Wirska

07.07.2012 - CACIB show in Warsaw:
- Whiteheads SUNSHINE REGGAE - exc. 2 in junior class
- Whiteheads SILVER GIRL - exc. 2 in junior class
- Whiteheads CHIPPEWA - exc. 2 in open class
- Whiteheads ALL THAT MAGIC - exc. 1, CAC  in champion class
- Telltale's BASIA - exc. 2 in champion class

Warszawa 2012

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