30.12.2010 - we invite you to Puppies page - there are new photos of the babies one month old, big thanks to Ula Wirska (Mojka's owner) for her help in taking photos!


06.12.2010 - new photos of the puppies on Puppies page

Chłopiec 1

29.11.2010 - the pups after Elvis and Maggie are born!!! We have 5 boys and 4 girls - white with brindle, white with red and white with fawn - more on our Puppies site...

Miot E - sunia

04.11.2010 - two little daughters of our Kuba from von Anluna's kennel in Germany - very warm greetings to their breeder Angrit:

Von Anluna's girls

02.11.2010 - at the end of November we are expecting whippet puppies after parents:

Elvi - 2,5 years Maggie
(imp. USA)
Pedigree of the expected puppies

25.10.2010 - we got very nice photos of Zoran (Whiteheads ALL THAT AND MORE), almost 4 years old. Big thanks to Gosia and Robert Demianczuk for being in contact with us and wonderful photos of Zoran taken by Robert :))

Zoran - almost 4 years

Zoran - almost 4 years

15-17.10.2010 - at a 3 day CACIB show in Bansko, Bulgaria our Blondie went:
3 x CACIB, 3 x BOB, 2 x BOG1, and tittles of Bulgarian Ch, Bulgarian Grand Ch, Balkan Ch, and she finished her International Championship! We would like to thank a lot Marzena Lorenc and Pawel (Ersari kennel) for handling and for wonderful care for Blondie during the long journey and staying in Bulgaria. Thank you guys so much! Here are some photos:

Blondie - Best of Group day first

Blondie - Best of Group day second

Blondie on the ring

02.10.2010 - we had part in Czech Whippet Club show in Jezkovice.
Sonia - exc. 1, CAC in champion class
Chippie - exc. 1, CAJC in junior class, Junior Winner of Czech Whippet Club, Junior BOB
Here are some photos from this very nice show at Czech Whippet Club website.

11.09.2010 - it was the second time when we attended a great show - Sighthounds Festival in Olsztyn, near Czestochowa. Whippets were judged by Ms Eva Jacoby from England, Cobyco kennel - a breeder and judge with great experience. There were 5 whippets from our kennel at this show. It was a great joy for us to observe Peggy winning BOS from the open class. At the photo Rivarco Ultrarapid - BOB and  Peggy (Whiteheads BE MY GIRL) - BOS:


Warm congratulations to Peggy and her owner Agnieszka :)  The rest of results of the dogs from our kennel:
Moja (Peggy's sister) - exc. 1 in intermediate class, CAC:


Chippie - vg in open class
Junior (Whiteheads DALLAS) - vp 1 in puppy class, best puppy, BIS 2 puppy!

Junior - BIS 2 puppy
Photo: Kasia Mijakowska

Mis - vg 2 in intermediate class
Our greyhound female Blondie - exc. 2 in open class:

Blondie Olsztyn
photo: Aneta Stuglik - thank you!

We would like to thank the organization team and all of our friends for companionship - it is you who made this show so special!

Miot B
Whiteheads "B" litter littermates

Blondie with a new friend
Blondie with a new friend, photo: Aneta Stuglik - thank you!

And this is how we played after the judging :) Photo by Asia Moron

08.09.2010 - today we got photos of a lovely girl after our Kuba and Odette - "Sparky", vel "Diamond" -  Daddys Sparkling Diamond von Anluna's :) Little Sparky was born in Germany in kennel Von Aluna's and stayed at Angrid's kennel as a potential breeding girl. We are so happy to be in touch with her breeder, Angrit from Von Aluna's kennel! Angrit, thank you so much for being in touch with us and for news about all pups after our Kuba in your litter! Angrit, we hope so much to be able to see Sparky in reality! All the best for her and you :)
And here is how beautifully Sparky is training before her first show:




28,29.2010 - 2 x CACIB show in Debrecen, Hungary:
Blondie - 2 x CACIB, 2 x BOB and Hungarian Champion!

21.08.2010 - CAC show of hunting dogs in Piotrkow Trybunalski
Moja - exc. 1, CAC in intermediate class:


16.08.2010 - we visited Ypsylon kennel, where there are some puppies after our Elvis :) Two young and handsome boys are still looking for good homes there. More info and photos at our puppies site :)


15.08.2010 - Diana, thank you so much for some new photos of Portos (Whiteheads DETROIT) from his wonderful holidays at the seaside. Portos and his new family went very well together (special hugs to little Pola - she is a little girl and a very special friend to Portos). Here is Porto at about 6 months:

Whiteheads DETROIT

10.08.2010 - we got some new photos of Kimba from his coursing trial. Uli, you did great job with Kimba! I think that this boy will be a great sportsman! Thank you Uli for photos, info and again congratululations for your work with Kimba - we are keeping our fingers crossed for his coursings :)

Kimba - trening coursingowy

Kimba - trening coursingowy

24.07.2010 -  here is Peggy (Whiteheads BE MY GIRL) at her holidays on a water scooter (thank you Agnieszka for this video):

19.07.2010 - on Saturday at the German Whippet Club show in Klaffenbach Whiteheads CAHITA went exc. 2 in junior class, R-Jdg-VDH, R-JGD-CAC. Congratulations to Kita and Verena!


Klaffenbach - Kita

And one more photo of Kita and Verena from the show - out of ring - for me this one is the best :) :


18.07.2010 - Whiteheads DAKOTA (vel Szczygielek) and her owner Karolina - Dakota lives in kennel Frost Bounaqua and we are so proud to be her co - owners:

Whiteheads DAKOTA

11.07.2010 - CACIB show in Warsaw:

Whiteheads kennel was BIS 3 breeder group - thank you all guys for showing our dogs and giving such nice homes for our little whiteheads! Special thanks to Ula and Gosia who waited for finals in enormous heat!

Bis breeder
the photo is a copyright of coyote-ugly kennel

- Whiteheads DELAWARE - very promissing 2 in baby class:

Panton - Whiteheads DELAWARE

- Whiteheads DENVER - very promissing 3 in baby class:

Oskar - Whiteheads DENVER

- Debmar OVEROCEAN TRAVELLER AT WHITEHEADS - exc. 3 in champion class:


- Whiteheads COMANCHE - exc. 1 in junior class, Junior Winner, new Junior Champion:


- Whiteheads CHIPPEWA - exc. 1 in junior class, Junior Winner, Junior BOB, new Junior Champion:


- Whiteheads BE MY SUNSHINE- exc. 3 in intermediate class - unfortunately we haven't any photos

- Whiteheads ALL OF MY HEART - exc. 1 in champion class:


All the photos are copyright of Monika Sepołowicz (Idealist whippets) - thank you Monika!

04.07.2010 - CAC show in Olsztyn and whippets bred by us:
- Whiteheads CHINOOK - exc. 1 in junior class, CAJC
- Whiteheads CHIPPEWA - exc. 1 in junior class, CAJC, Junior BOB
- Whiteheads BE MY SUNSHINE - exc. 1 in intermediate class, CAC
- Whiteheads BE MY GIRL - exc. 1 in open class, CAC, BOS
Warm congratulations to all the whippets from our kennel! And big thanks for the nice companion of their owners :)

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