14.05.2009 - We updated Puppies page.

10.05.2009 - Today Moja (Whiteheads BE MY SUNSHINE) visited us. Here is Moja at 4 and half months:

Moja - 4 miesiące

02.05.2009 - CACIB show in Łodz:
Elvis - exc. 1, CAC (intermediate class)
Sonia - exc. 2 (open class)
Blondie - exc. 1, CAJC (junior class)

Elvis Lodz
Elvis in Lodz - photo: Artur Wróbel

17.04.2009 - little Karl and little Kimba  (Whiteheads BE MY HERO) - we hope this will be friendship for ever!!!! Kimba at his new home in Germany - greetings to Gustmann family and thanks for giving Kimba such a lovely home:


16.04.2009 - in Born To Love kennel there are 2 puppies available (golden male and blue fawn female) after PL Ch Whiteheads ALL ABOUT ME and Int PL Est Rus Ch Bokamaro DEAUVILLE. Here photos of the pups. More info by phone: (+48) 514 353 253 or e-mail: borntolove@o2.pl

Miś i Bromba

05.04.2009 - CAC show in Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki:
Elvis - exc 1, CAC (intemediate class)
Blondie - exc 1, Junior CAC, BOB (junior class)

Blondie - pho
to: Laura Wasowska, kennel Azarin, handler: Arthur Litwa

30.03.2009 - Today we got a very nice photo of Alutka, a little girl from our first litter that lives at a wonderful family at  Axabell home kennel in Czech Republic. Lots of greetings to Alutka and her family!

Ala running

22.03.2009 - CACIB show in Katowice:
Elvis - vg (junior class)
Kuba - exc. 1, CAC, BOS, CACIB, Crufts 2010 nominated (open class)
Sonia - exc. 4 (open class)
Blondie - exc. 1, BOB junior,
Crufts 2010 nominated, BIS-2 junior (junior class)
On the photo below Blondie in junior BIS ring at the first show in her life:

Katowice 2009

Big thanks to Ala Nowak and Arthur Litwa for handling our dogs!

18.03.2009 -
We invite to look at puppies photos after Mysia and our Kuba, that were born in Born To Love kennel. These are awesome kids!


10.03.2009 - Little Lady is very clever and a quick lerner how to stack - on photo she is stacked by David, her very young owner - David, we think you might be a great young handler!


09.03.2009 - Yesterday Tola - Whiteheads BE MY ANGEL - went to her new home. This girl has great dog company at her home - a jack russel terrier girl and another whippet girl. But her special friend and keeper is a human boy - Oscar. Oscar had no doubt to get up at 4 am. to have a long travel along with his mother to get Tola. Kisses to Oscar, his mom and the whole family! Oscar, we strongly believe that you will take very good care of Tola! Here is Oscar and Tola at home at last:

Oskar i Tola

05.02.2009 - Unfor
tunately Whippie - Whiteheads BE MY HERO - came back to us because of very strong allergic reaction of little Kasia - one of his new family's members. That's why we are looking for a new, loving and preferably show home for this nice, promising boy. Here is Whippie 9 and half weeks old, just after coming back to us:



03.03.2009 - We invi
te to see puppies photos after our Kuba and Mysia, that were born in Born To Love kennel.

01.03.2009 -
Whiteheads BE MY HERO - at the beginning called Ben, but later Whippie, because it is his name at new home - went away with his so nice new family - Gosia, Leszek, Kasia and Filip - lots of greetings to you and we whish you a lot of wonderful moments with Whippie!

whippi and famil

Whippie a
t his home with Kasia:

Whippi & Ania

25.02.2009- We are so proud of Lad
y and Krysia, her owner how quick they both learn about showing a whippet:


And here is our ano
ther pride - an IT geek - Moja, with her owner Ula :) :

Moja i Ula

25.02.2009 - Lilka -
Whiteheads BE MY GIRL - went to her new home. All the best in new family! Lilka and her 'a little older' new friend Bobi:


nd for the journey I was dressed in a funny thing, but I felt worm:


24.02.2009 - We go
t some photos of puppies from "B" litter with their young human friends :))) We would like to thank so much for the photos to pups' families!
Macius wi
th Misio:

Maciek i Miś

And here is the youngest generation of the family of Kania :) - from left: David with a labrador Gaja and next Ola with Lady:

rodzina Kaia

22.02.2009 - Nex
t pups are going to their new homes... In the morning we said good-bye to Glus - Whiteheads BE MY FRIEND, which will be called "Misio" at home (greetings to Ms. Malgosia and Maciek!):


And In
the afernoon we said good-bye to Kaja - Whiteheads BE MY QUEEN, which will be called  Lady. Greetings to her whole new family and thanks for photos! Lady at her new home:

Ola i mala


21.02.2009 -
today our 'Nika' - Whiteheads BE MY SUNSHINE, called 'Moja' by her new owner went to her new home - here is Moja with her new owner, Ula, saying good-bye to us:


Moja in her new home


Ula and 'Moja' - we wish
you all he best!!! As Moja will live not far away from us be sure we will put photos and info about her. Ula and Moja - all the best for you in your life together!

15.02.2009 - We added new phot
os of our current litter at 7 weeks.


08.02.2009 - A
t CACIB show in Rzeszow PL Ch Whiteheads ALL OF MY HEART "Viki"  gained BOS, CAC and CACIB. Congratulations to Viki and her owner!

Viki - Rzeszow 2009

02.02.2009 - Tonight in kennel Born To Love whippet puppies were born after our Kuba and Mysa (Int, PL, Est, Rus Ch Bokamaro DEAUVILLE). There are 4 boys and 2 girls!

30.01.2009 - Some new photos of puppies at 4,5 weeks. We also added new pics of Blondie at 10 months and Elvis at 16 months. All photos taken by Patryk Bukowczan and Artur Litwa.

Blondie - 10 months

27.01.2009 - Puppies' gallery from their first serious trip over the house and with their greyound 'aunt'  Blondie :)

Blondie & pups

25.01.2009 - Today we had a very nice surprise to get photos of  Zoran, playing in the snow. Kisses to his wonderful family and thanks for these so nice photos!!!

Zoranek i śnieg

Zoranek i śnieg

24.01.2009 - We added new puppies' photos at almost 4 weeks.


5.01.2009 - We invite you to look at photos of the puppies from our actual litter at 1 week :)))

Chłopak :)

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