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01.01.2010 - all the best for the New Year! Here, in Poland New Year welcomed us with beautiful, snowy weather, we have made some photos today of our pack (plus Zuzia, which is enjoying her little vacation with our dogs). Here is a little album of our dogs playing in the snow today :)

Happy New year 2010!!!

27.12.2009 - we are looking for a special, loving home for this almost 10 weeks old little girl:



Betty, that is YEEHAW YOLANDA is a daughter of our Kuba,  and she was born in Ypsylon kennel, more info you can find at Ypsylon kennel, phone: (+48) 22 811 84 31 or e-mail: gallahad@wp.pl
For Betty's photos big thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Kramarow (Loango kennel).

27.12.2009 - we got some photos of Kocio (Whiteheads COCHISE) going for Christmast holidays...
First poor little boy was watching not to forget about him wher packing:

Kochise ina case

But later it turned of that the Christmast days may be very pleasant, even without snow:

Kocio na plaży

And the bedroom in the hotel was also not the worst one:

Kocio sleeping

And the hotel stuff served the best breakfast:

Kocio je

For the relation of Kocio's holidays thanks to Justina and Marek :)))) We hope it was a very special time for you, your boys, Kocio and Bolo! Lots of greetings to all of you!!!

18.12.2009 - we are getting Christmast cards (guys, thank you all!):

Kita and Lola :)
Lola (Her Name Was Lola of Gentle Mind)  and  Kita (Whiteheads Cahita). Thanks to Verena Karwei for the photo:)

Christmast 2009 from Alutka
And above is Alutka on a Christmast card - Marie and family - lots of greetings!

A card from Ania
Thank you Ania!

Card from Gisele
Many thanks for Gisela and her family!

from Justyna
Justine, thanks :)

Card from Blanka
Blanka and Marcin :)))

Card from sandline
Thanks for Sandline whippets :)

We wish you all as well as all our other friends all the best for Christmast and for the New Year!!!

06.12.2009 - we just got a super present - some photos from Germany of Kimba together with his little firiend, Karl, again in Christmas mood :) Lots of greetings to the Gustman family! Thanks for the photos! And of course special greetings to Karl, Kimba's best friend :)

Karl & Kimba

24.11.2009 - it is true that we have to wait another month to celebrate Christmas, but today we got so wonderful Christmas photos of Cahita (Whiteheads CAHITA) that we just have to put one of them at our site:

Cahita - Christmas 2009

Verena and family, thank you so much for the photos, your commitment in Cahita's education, keeping in contact with us, not only by e-mail, but also by phone, but first of all for your extraordinary love for this little girl! Cahita (Kita) just couldn't find a better home! Thank you once again!

24.11.2009 - I guess we had a lucky day today  - more photos of our "C" litter pups! The next one is Whiteheads CHEROKEE (Snoopy),  first the photo:

Snoopy - 6 months

and here is a little video with Snoopy and his little jack russel friend:))) :

Nelly - thanks a lot for the photos and for the videos - you are a proof that a young owner may be with a little help of the parents a very responsible owner! Thanks for e-mail and phone contact from you! Hugs and greetings to your parents!

14.11.2009 - CACIB show in Kielce:

Blondie (Telltale's BASIA) - exc. 1 in intermediate class, Best Bitch, CACIB, BOB and BOG3 :)

Blondie Kielce CACIB

Moja (Whiteheads BE MY SUNSHINE) - exc. 1, Junior CAC from junior class - big congratulations for her owner, Ula:

Moja - Kielce

Peggy (Whiteheads BE MY GIRL) - exc. 3 in junior class
Kuba (Whiteheads ALL ABOUT ME) - exc. 3 in open class
Sonia (Whiteheads ALL THAT MAGIC) - exc. 2 in open class

13.11.2009 - And here is Snoopy - Whiteheads CHEROKEE - big thanks to his little friend Nelly for the photos! Lots of greetings to the whole Eechout family! We do hope that Snoopy will be a joy in your life :)


11.11.2009 - Today we got some wonderful photos of Whiteheads Cahita - this girl lives with Verena and her family in Germany together with another whippet girl Lola and an afghan girl :) Verena and the family - thank you sooo much for such an exceptional home for Cahita! We are keeping our fingers crossed for Cahita's shows!
Here is 5 months old Cahita stacked by Verena:

Cahita at home

And here is Cahita playing with Lola :)  Again big thanks to Cahita's family for giving her such a good home! An exceptional girl with an exceptional home - just like in a dream!

Lola and Cahita

20.10.2009 - And so our Kuba became the father for the third time! :) The babies were born at Ypsylon kennel - 3 girls (2 white with red, one white with fawn) and 1 boy (fawn with white). The proud mom is Monica (Int PL RO Ch DANCING IN THE MOONLIGHT Ypsylon). Congratulations! More info about the litter under e-mail:
gallahad@wp.pl Here are the sweeties just after they were born:

Kubuś - 3 miot

18.10.2009 - CAC show in Zabrze:
Elvis - exc. 1, CAC in open class (he finished his PL Ch tittle)
Moja - exc. 2 in junior class

14.10.2009 - Today two videos - first is Coma (Whiteheads COMANCHE), which is playing and learning in the park:

And here is 9 months old Peggy (Whiteheads BE MY GIRL), which just can't stop enjoying her first snow in her life:


Enjoy the videos!

04.10.2009 - CAC show in Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki:
Peggy (Whiteheads BE MY GIRL, Kuba and Ruda's daughter) - shown for the first time in junior class went exc. 1, CAJC and junior BOB! Bravo Agnieszka and Peggy! And this is how Peggy was presented at the show:

Whiteheads BE MY GIRL

Whiteheads BE MY GIRL

Her sister, Moja also was entered, but because her fresh injury she couldn't be shown. But she went to the show to meet Peggy:


03.10.2009 - we just got some photos of Chyenne (Whiteheads CHEYENNE). Zuzia, thanks so much for the photos, greetings to you and your family!
Little Cheyenne:

Whiteheads Cheyenne

Have you ever seen a whippet that looks as a bat? :


OK, good night to everybody, I'm going to sleep now:


Hmmmmm... And there are all these ugly things that Cheyenne does when she is bored... :)

29.09.2009 - we got wonderful photos of Kimba (Whiteheads BE MY HERO) from his first coursing triaining! Ulrike, big thanks for the photos!
Here is Kimba focused before the run:

Kimba - first coursing

And here at last he is chasing the 'rabbit' :

Kimba's first coursing

I will catch you, you silly rabbit, no matter what!!!


28.09.2009 - here are some photos of Cochise (Whiteheads COCHISE) at his home... Cochise on the beach with his beloved owner, Justyna:


And here is Cochise a bit
thoughtful on the walk
... Well, sometimes you just have to think about life ;)


And now after a long walk good night... Cochise is going to sleep with his IG friend, Bolek:


Justyna and the boys once again THANK YOU for such a special home for Cochise!

05.09.2009 - we took part in Sighthound Club Show in Olsztyn near Czestochowa. Wonderful atmosphere, great ogranization of the show, it's only a pity that the weather was not as good as the rest... We would like to thank to all the people there for a wonderful day
The judge was Bitte Ahrens (kennel Sobers):
Sonia - exc. 1/7 in open class,
Kuba - exc. 3/6 in champion class,
Blondie - exc. 1/1 in intermediate class,
Lady -
presented by 12 years old David - vp 2/6 in puppy class,
Moja - not located in puppy class, but
shown by Ula!
Big thanks to Tomek Wolanczyk (kennel Paranoia), Artur Litwa and Laura Wasowska (kennel Azarin) for presenting our dogs!
And in finals Kuba and Sonia, perfectly handled by Tomek Wolanczyk, were chosen for the Best Brace of the Sighthound Club Show 2009 (photo: Monika Sepolowicz - kennel Idealist):

Klubowa - najlepsza para

This show was also a wonderful opportunity to meet our "B" litter puppies 8,5 months old with their wonderful owners. Guys, thank you for the nice time spent together, your companion and help at the show! On the photo: Malgosia with Mis, Krysia with Lady and Ula with Moja:

Be - 8 months

30.08.2009 -  yesterday our puppies from "B" litter went 8 months. Warm greetings to their families! Here is Moja, posed by her beloved owner, Ula:


And here is Lady with her best friend David:


- we got wonderful news from Axabell kennel in Czech Republic, where lives Alutka (Whiteheads ALL BECAUSE OF ME). At International Dog Show in Mlada Boleslav (judge: Agneta Kappers from Sweden) Alutka won very strong (9 bitches) open class and got CAC and res CACIB. Big congratulations to the owners! And many thanks to irreplaceable Tomek Wolanczyk (kennel Paranoia), who presented Alutka!


27.08.2009 - for a long time we didn't uptade our website, so here is some news... First of all our puppies from "C" litter in new homes. Still we are  looking for homes for two girls from this litter.

First we present our Cochise (Whiteheads Cochise), who lives with Bolek, an Italian greyhound and his wonderful Family. Big thanks for his family - Justyna and the boys - for giving such a special home for Cochise and your love for this boy!:


Here is our beloved Nora (Whiteheads Catawba) and her 4 loving human boys - plus a mum not in the photo :)


Our 'special boy' Koma (Whiteheads Comanche) lives with Slavek and Gosia and will be trained to be a freesbie catcher :) Here is Koma with his best friend (a border collie girl, Blue). Lots of greetings to Slawek and Gosia!


And last, but for sure not least Cheyenne (Whiteheads Cheyenne), who has a perfect home at Zuza Lapinski family. Greetings to the whole Lapinski family!!! Thank you for giving Cheyenne such a great home, we know it will be 'a little heaven' for her!


03.08.2009 - New photos of puppies at 8 weeks

Whiteheads Cahita

21.07.2009 - Today our puppies from "C" litter turn 6 weeks old. Photos of the puppies at 6 weeks. Thanks to Justyna Szopa (Tylko Ty kennel) for stacking the babies.


21.07.2009 - whippets can travel in many ways - Peggy - Whiteheads BE MY GIRL has nothing against travelling by a helicopter - especialy when accompanied by her friend - a miniature shnautzer Zosia :) We would like to thank to Peggy's family for the photos and for giving her a really special home :)

Peggy - almost 7 months

- Alutka (Whiteheads ALL BECAUSE OF ME) had her second show in 'adult class' in Mlada Boleslaw in Czech Republik,  she went exc 4 in open class. Congratulations to her owners! Here are some photos of Alutka from this show:



13.07.2009 - new photos of the puppies at almost 5 weeks. Big thanks to Monika Sepolowicz (Idealist kennel) for stacking the babies.

Whiteheads Comanche

10.07.2009 - CACIB show in Warsaw:
Blondie (Telltale's BASIA) - exc. 1. CAC, BOS, CACIB

Telltale's BASIA

photo: Monika Sepolowicz

03.07.2009 - we have new photos of the puppies aged 3 weeks and 2 days

Whiteheads Cheyenne

28.06.2009 - at CACIB show in Cracow our Sonia (Whiteheads ALL THAT MAGIC) finished her PL Champion tittle, winning CAC, CACIB, BOS, BOB, and on the end the second best dog of X FCI group (BOG 2). Lots of thanks to Tomek Wolanczyk (kennel Paranoia) for handling Sonia :)

Kraków 2009 - BOG
photo: www.podajlape.pl

25.06,2009 - we have added some new photos of Kuba at 2,5 years on his own page.

21.06.2009 - We invite to see individual photos of our 11 days old puppies.

Whiteheads Cherokee

20.06.2009 - we got some new 'walk' photos of  Moja:

Moya playing


19.06.2009 - our Maggie and her 10 days old puppies:

Whiteheads C litter 10 days old

10.06.2009 - We have whippet puppies! Babies are after  Maggie and Ketil - 4 boys and 5 girls. Pedigree of the puppies and more info about parents available at our
Puppies page

Miot C

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