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Merry Christmas!
To all the people watching our web site we wish the happiest Christmas ever and  may your hopes and whishes for the New Year fulfil - all of them!!!

29.12.2008 - We have puppies!!!! On the 29th of December our  Ruda gave birth to 2 lovely boys and 5 wonderful girls! More about this litter you will find at our puppy site. There are 2 boys on the photo - more photos soon!


- we just got new photos of  Zuzia - a girl from our first  'All' litter. We just can't believe how this little girl developed... Please believe this photo below is not a photomontage, this is a real Zuzia playing withe her owner:


And here is Zuzia resting at home:


Big thanks to Zuzia's owner - Agnieszka Zmijewska for photos, taking so good care for Zuzia and for keeping in contact with us!
We also hope that we will convince Agnieszka to show Zuzia as Zuzia is really worth to try her chance at shows!!!

09.12.2008 - on her second birthday our Viki became an 'aunt'! At Nirse kennel where Viki lives, her basenji friend Fiona whelped a litter of  2 boys and 2 girls! More info at Nirse kennel.

Fiona & puppies

09.12.2008 - Today our puppies from our  'All' litter have their second birthday! Kacper, Zoran, Gucio, Kuba, Alutka, Viki, Asti, Zuzia and  Sonia - all the best to all of you! And on the photo here is 2 years old Gucio with his 10 months old  'human' brother Frank :)

Gucio and the baby :)

06.12.2008 -
An ultrasound examination confirmed our Ruda's multiply pregnancy! More info at our puppies page!

16.11.2008 - CAC show  in Kielce was very special for us... Viki - a girl from our 'All' litter won intermediate class, got CAC and through this she became the first 'adult' champion from this litter at 23 months old!
Her litter sister Sonia was also first in open class with CAC, here are both girls on the photo.  Kasia Matusik - thank you very much for taking the photos):

Kielce - Viki i Sonia
Our Elvis went junior BOB, here is his photo (he is first from the left side) from BOB choosing (again thanks for 
Kasia Matusik for the taking the pictures)

Kielce BOB
20.10.2008 - we added a photo of the parents of our beloved Blondie :)
Blondyneczka :)

15.09.2008 - Our Kuba on National Show in Chorzow (judge: Editha Newton, GB), beautifuly presented by Ala Nowak went exc 1 in intermediate class with CAC:

Kuba - Chorzów 2008

Kuba - Chorzów 2008

Sonia was VG 1 in intermediate class.
Big thanks to Ala Nowak for showing our dogs and Marysia Gondek for photos :)

12.09.2008 - National Show
Elvis - exc 1 in junior class, CAJC, Junior BOB
Kuba - exc 1 in open class, CAC
Sonia -
exc 1 in open class, CAC

09.09.2008 - on 17th of August 5  boys of whippet puppies were born at our friends (kennel Aristokratos) from a very promising litter. More info at Aristokratos. On the photo one of the boys at 3 weeks :)

Aristokratos whippets

12.09.2008 - CACIB Bialystok:
Elvis - exc 2 in junior class
Kuba - exc 1 in intermediate class
Sonia -
exc 2 in intermediate class

04.08.2008 - Blondie has now her own page

21.07.2008 - Already at home.... I spent 10 wonderful days in Sweden, of course dominated by the dogs shows :) Although our dogs were not placed on Swedish shows this journey was a wonderful experience. I saw so many of beautiful dogs and first of all I returned to Poland with the most precious treasure - a greyhound girl - I have to say big thanks to Anna-Carin Falk for trusting me with this little girl and for all her frienship and taking care of me while I was in Sweden. Anna - Carin - big thanks for everything! Here is a photo before I take Blondie from her home place - on the photo the little girl is with me and Anna - Carin's family:

Blondie, ma and Anna-Carin withe her daughters

More photos of Blondie as well as her pedigree will be available at our web site :) Anna - Carin thank you once again for this little girl :)

3.07.2008 - These are first 'adult' photos at our web site of Zoran - the boy is doing soooo great, he has a wonderful family, Malgosia and Robert - thank you so much for the photos of this little treasure and we are so happy that he brings so much sunshine in your  family!
Here Zoran is doing what whippets do the best:

And here he is resting at home:

- CAC for Hunting Dogs in Antoninek
Kuba - Whiteheads ALL ABOUT ME - exc 1 in intermediate class
Sonia - Whiteheads ALL THAT MAGIC - exc 1 in junior class, she finished her Junior Championship

Although we haven't got any photos from last shows we got some photos of Casper - Sonia and Kuba's brother from his holidays - not stacked, but priceless for us...  We would like to thank Bucki family for their wonderful care and devotion they have for Casper. Thank you!

Kacperek na wakacjach

25.05.2008 - CAC show in Radom:
Kuba - Whiteheads ALL ABOUT ME - exc 1 in intermediate class
Sonia - Whiteheads ALL THAT MAGIC - exc 2 (junior class)

11.05.2008 - CAC show in Plock (judge - Per Iversen from Norway):
Kuba - Whiteheads ALL ABOUT ME - exc 1 in junior class, CAJC
Sonia - Whiteheads ALL THAT MAGIC - exc 2 (junior class)
Barbie - Telltale's AMORA - exc 1 in champion class, CAC, BOS, and BOB

26.04.2008 - CACIB show in Opole:
Kuba - Whiteheads ALL ABOUT ME - exc 1 in junior class, CAJC - he finished to have his PL Junior Championship tittle. Big thanks to Natalia Tomkowska for presenting Kuba so well!
Viki - Whiteheads ALL OF MY HEART - exc 1 in intermediate class, CAC, res CACIB - big congratulations to Viki, her owner and her handler - Ala Nowak!

6.04.2008 - CAC Legionowo:
Kuba - Whiteheads ALL ABOUT ME - exc 3 (junior class)
Sonia - Whiteheads ALL THAT MAGIC - exc 2 (junior class)

Viki - Whiteheads ALL OF MY HEART - exc 1 (intermediate class), CAC

Sonia - Legionowo 2008
Sonia and her young handler - Laura Wasowska, photo: Maria Szymanowska

30.03.2008 - CACIB show Katowice:
Kuba - Whiteheads ALL ABOUT ME - exc 2 (intermediate class)
Sonia - Whiteheads ALL THAT MAGIC - exc 2 (intermediate class)

22.03.2008 - CACIB show in Prague (Czech Republic) - our girls did great!!!!
Sonia - Whiteheads ALL THAT MAGIC won intermediate class, got CAC and res CACIB (over 35 female whippets entered) - Sonia is only 15 months old so we are so proud of her result! Many thanks to Tomek Wolanczyk - Sonia's handler in Prague and her best friend - we know she loves him - thank you Tomek!
Alutka - Whiteheads ALL BECAUSE OF ME - won Junior Class in very strong competition, here is Ala with her 'winners cup' - isn't she sweet? WE LOVE HER! Once again congratulations to her owners!


08.03.2008 - Elvis after a week at our home:


04.03.2008 - We would like to introduce a new member of our family! A few days ago we welcomed  Elvis, that came to Poland from USA - his pedigree name is Debmar Overocean Traveller At Whiteheads. We are so grateful to Deborah Bahm (kennel Debmar) for trusting us with this little boy and for her help and engagement
in sending him safely to Poland.
Here is Elvis 3,5 months old in USA:

Elvis - 3,5 miesiąca


10.02.2008 - at CACIB dog show in Rzeszow Viki - Whiteheads ALL OF MY HEART - exc 1 in junior class - she finished her Junior Champion title  at 14 months
- big congratulations to Viki and her owner!!!

photo: Carragan

Maggie (Bokamaro MAGIC TOUCH) - exc 2 (champion class)
Ruda - (CHARMING CECILIA Born To Love) exc 2 (open class)

- we got new photos of Zuzia - the candy girl :)


I think that dogs bred by us  just love cats - on the next photo there is Alutka from Czech :)

And sweet Zuzia again...


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