24.07.2016 - PL Club Sighthound Show:
- Whiteheads MAGIC WOMAN - V 2/2 in intermediate class
- Whiteheads SILVER GIRL - V1 in working classj, BIS3 working dogs!
- Rhetsghis Shirley Bassey - V 3/4 in champion classw
And the biggest surprise:
- Whiteheads O'LALA -VP 1/2 in baby class, BOB baby, and in the end BIS1 baby!!!! Big congrats to her owner Asia Ścibor

Whiteheads O'LALA with her handler Kinga Iwaniuk

Whiteheads O'LALA

16.07.2016 - we are so happy to announce that we are expecting pups after our Pola and Elliot - a wonderful, very promising boy imported form Sweden, many thanks to Elliot's owner - Nathalie Jaklewicz for letting us use this wonderful boy in our breeding plan! The puppies will be born in the middle of August.
Pedigree of the expected puppies

parents of the expected puppies

09.07.2016 - a wonderful day spent together with some friends and whiteheads owners at International Dog Show in Warsaw. Thank you all very much for company and for presenting dogs from our kennel!

And that's who was shown:
- Whiteheads O'CONNOR - boy, minor pups, VP 1/3
- Whiteheads O'NEILL- boy, minor pups VP 3/3
- Whiteheads O'LALA -girl, mionor pups VP 1/1, BOB minor puppies, at BIS chosen to the final 6 of all breed minor puppies
- Whiteheads MAGIC WOMAN - bitch, open class V 1/10, CAC

Warm congrats, it was so nice to see you and I hope to see you soon again! All photos by Monika Sepołowicz, thank you!

Whiteheads O'LALA
Whiteheads O'LALA

Whiteheads O'CONNOR
Whiteheads O'CONNOR

Whiteheads MAGIC WOMAN
Whiteheads MAGIC WOMAN

8.05.2016 - very warm congratulations to kennel Onychinus, where first whippet puppies were born, the litter is based on our breeding lines. There are 7 girls and 2 boys. If you are interested in a pup from this litter please contact Agnieszka or Kinga Iwaniuk, phone: +48
607 606 035, e-mail: onychinus@o2.pl

Litter "F" - Onychinus
Puppies just after birth, the pedigree is: 

24.04.2016 - International Dog Show in Opole:
- Jamaica (Whiteheads JAMAICA SANDS) - exc. 1/2, CAC in champion class
- Sonia (Whiteheads ALL THAT MAGIC) exc. 1 in veteran class, Veteran Winner, Veteran BOB and... BIS4 veteran - we are so proud of our 9,5 years old grandma!
Breed judge: Gerard Jipping (Holland), BIS veteran judge: Wendy Baker (Australia)

Whiteheads ALL THAT MAGIC - BIS4
Whiteheads ALL THAT MAGIC - BIS4 veteran

Whiteheads Jamaica Sands
Whiteheads JAMAICA SANDS in the ring in Oplole - just less than 3 months after giving birth to 10 pups (our "O" litter)
photo: Nathalie Jaklewicz - thank you

18.03.2016 - we invite you to see new photos of our "O"  litter at almost 8 weeks at our
Puppies site

Whiteheads O'Connor
Whiteheads O'CONNOR - boy 7,5 weeks old

06.03.2016 - photos of almost 6 weeks old pups from our "O" litter can be found at 
Puppies site

Whiteheads O'SULLIVAN
Boy - Whiteheads O'SULLIVAN almost 6 weeks old

18.02.2016 - new photos of our 3 weeks old "O" litter at our Puppies site :-)

Whiteheads O-My - 3 weeks old
Girl - Whiteheads O'MY - 3 weeks old

27.01.2016 - and here they are - litter "O" - 8 boys and 2 girls, as always you can observe them at our Puppies site

2 days old
Puppies from "O" litter with their mom - second day from birth

15.01.2016 - owe are expecting a new whippet litter!
Pedigree of the expected pups:  http://thewhippetarchives.net/testmating.php?dam=184903&sire=219423
A litter is expected at the end of Januray 2016. More info soon at our Puppies site

Miot "O"

22.11.2015 - CACIB show in Kielce:
- Whiteheads LEONARD COHEN - exc. 2/3 in intermediate class, res. CACIB (2 weeks earlier he had his debiut in intermediate class at CACIB show in Poznan with exc. 1/2 and CAC)

Cohen at CACIB Kielce - photo: Monika Fabisiak

16.08.2015 - new photos of our 6,5 weeks old "N" litter with their pedigree names at Puppies site

Whiteheads NANO
Whiteheads NANO - 6,5 weeks old

01.08.2015 - our current puppies at 4,5 weeks at
Puppies site

The only girl - 4,5 weeks old

25.07.2015 - new photos of our "N"litter (3,5 weeks old) available at Puppies site

One of the boys 3,5 weeks
one of the boys at 3,5 weeks

12.07.2015 - CACIB show in Warsaw (Crufts qualifaction) - our lovely dachshund Lakota Scrato - BOB, CACIB, Crufts 2016 nomination!

Lakota Scrato

05.07.2015 - new photos of our 5 days old pups from our "N" litter are available at Puppies site

boy 5 days
one of our boys

30.06.2015 - Our "N" litter is born! We have 7 boys (3 brindle and white and 4 red and white) and 1 girl (brindle and white). More photos soon at Puppies site!

Just born
Litter "N" just after birth

22.06.2015 - At the beginning of July we are expecting a new whippet litter! More info at Puppies site!

21.06.2015 - CACIB show in Krakow under Ms
Valerie Hamilton from USA:
- Whiteheads JAMAICA SANDS - exc. 1/3, CAC, res. CACIB (after an interchampion bitch) from open class, new PL Champion!

30.05.2015 - International Dog Show in Leszno:
- Whiteheads LINDA EVANS FOR NIRSE - exc. 1/5 in junior class, Junior BOB, new PL Junior Champion, just 11 months old, showed only 4 times in junior class! Big congrats to the owners (Nirse kennel), for us it is a great joy to see how well this girl is doing!


17.05.2015 - CAC show in Radom:
Lakota - LAKOTA Scrato - our beloved miniature LH dachshund at her very first show, showed in intemediate class gained V1, CAC and Best Adult Bitch tittle, unfortunately we haven't any photos from this show, but Lakota is already preparing for the show season 2015:


03.05.2015 - CACIB show in Lodz:
- Linda - Whiteheads  LINDA EVANS FOR NIRSE - V3/7 in junior class, swarm congras to the owners (kennel Nirse) - we love this girl!

Whiteheads LINDA EVANS FOR NIRSE - 10 months

09.05.2015 - Speciality Sighthound Show in Jabłonna - our whippets went great under a judge and long time whippet breeder - Ms
VeronikaChrpova (kennel "Z Uplnku"):
- Sheila - Rhetshgis Shirley Bassey - V1/2 in champion class, Best Adult Bitch. BOS
- Cohen - Whiteheads LEONARD COHEN - V1/5 in junior class, Junior Winner, at 10 months, showed only 3 times in junior class he finished his PL Junior Championship!

Whiteheads LEONARD COHEN - 10 months, new PL Junior Ch - photo: Manuela Czajkowska

25.04.2015 - CACIB show in Opole (whippets were judged by a long term breeder and whippet lover, Ms Jacqueline Quiros Kubat from Argentine - Dragonfly kennel): 

- Pola - Karadhras AUTOBIOGRAFIA - V1/6 in open class, CAC, CACIB, BOB!!!!!
- Maja - Whiteheads JAMAICA SANDS - V1 in intermediate class, CAC, res. CACIB
- Cohen - Whiteheads LEONARD COHEN - V1/4 in Junior class, CAJC

Pola &Jamaica
Pola and Jamaica are waiting for the evaluation at the ring

Cohen is desperate to run for his Junior Winner tittle :-) (photo: Agata Szadkowska)

And for the end Pola (at right) - BOB, CAC,CACIB
(photo: Agata Szadkowska)

18.04.2015 - New photos of our "M" litter at 5 weeks available at Puppies site

Magic Madsen
Whiteheads MAGIC MADSEN - 5 weeks old boy

11.04.2014 - Today our pups from "M" litter are 4 weeks old! At this occasion new photos at
Puppies site

Boy 4
Whiteheads MIDNIGHT COWBOY - a boy at 4 weeks

03.04.2015 - There are new photos of our 3 weeks old pups from "M" litter at our Puppies site

Whiteheads MAGIC WOMAN
Whiteheads MAGIC WOMAN - a girl 3 weeks old

14.03.2015 - Our new whippet litter is born! We have 4 boys (3 red and white and 1 blue fawn and white) and 1 girl (red and white). More individual photos soon!

New born
New born babies

05.03.2015 - We updated our puppies site, we are expecting a new whippet litter!

27.01.2015 - Lately we neglected our web site a bit so we put some photos of the dogs from our kennel from last shows:

Whiteheads SILVER GIRL
A show weekend in Nitra in Slovakia and 2 CACIB shows which Fonia (Whiteheads SILVER GIRL) attended:
10.01.2015 - in champion class V1/2, CAC in champion class (judge: Oleg Dintora, SK)
11.01.2015 - V1/2, CAC in champion class (judge: Dusan Barlik, SK)
By these shows Fonia closed her Slovakian Champion tittle! Big congrats to her owner and our friend Ula Wirska!

Fonia in 2014 also gained her FCI International Champion tittle:


And here is a photo from CAC show in Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki (09.12.2014), where a son of our Sheila had his debut - Whiteheads LEONARD COHEN, a beautifull pup, who I had a pleasure to present at this show gained BOB minor puppy - beautiful dog, congrats to his owners:

Whiteheads Leonard Cohen

And CACIB show Kielce (08.11.2014) - judge: Lisbeth Campbell from Norway:

Whiteheads JAMAICA SANDS - V1/4, CAC from intemediate class, she opened her adult championship (photo: Anna Szulc, kennel Dogarium)

Whiteheads SILVER GIRL
Whiteheads SILVER GIRL - V1, CAC, res. CACIB from champion class

05.10.2014 - Whiteheads LEONARDO DI CAPRIO - (reserved):

Whiteheads LEONARDO DI CAPRIO - 3 months old

01.102014 - Whiteheads LEONARDO DI CAPRIO - "Leo" - 3 months old:


15.09.2014 -

Whiteheads LOUIS ARMSTRONG - 10,5 weeks old

23.08.2014 - probably the last session of all the current puppies at 7,5 weeks, soon they will go to new homes

Whiteheads LEONARD COHEN - 7,5 weeks old

15.08.2014 - we added new photos of 6 weeks old puppies

Louis Armstrong
Whiteheads LOUIS ARMSTRONG at 6 weeks

26.07.2014 - we added first stacked photos of our 3,5 weeks old "L" litter at puppies site

Whiteheads LINDA EVANS
Whiteheads LINDA EVANS FOR NIRSE - 3,5 weeks old

12.07.2014 - we put some individual photos of our current puppies at 10 days at our puppies site

"L" boy

02.07.2014 - Sheila's puppies are born! We have 7 boys and 1 girl!

miot "L"
new born

05.06.2014 - we have confirmed the pregnancy of our Sheila by ultrasound exam :-) New pups are expected at the beginning on July! http://thewhippetarchives.net/testmating.php?dam=113416&sire=171036 We are so excited about this litter!

Whiteheads J litter

01.06.2014 - CACIB "Prestige" show in Leszno was a very succesfull show for our team under a respected sighthound judge Gerard Jipping  :-)
- Whiteheads JAMAICA SANDS - exc. 1/7 in junior class, Junior Winner, Junior BOB, new Polish Junior Champion (we didn't stay for the finals):

Whiteheads Jamaica Sands

- Whiteheads IDAHO - exc.1 from intemediate class, CAC, CACIB, BOS, BOB and BOG3!!! Warm congrats to her owner Agnieszka Pogonska:

Whiteheads IDAHO

- Whiteheads SUNSHINE AFTER RAIN  - exc. 2/3 in open class, congrats to her owner, Ada Jarczynska:

Whiteheads Sunshine
                        After Rain

- Whiteheads SILVER WATER- exc. 1, CAC from champion class:

Whiteheads Silver

- in males Whiteheads GEORGE CLOONEY went exc.1/2 from open class, CAC and res CACIB (after an inter champion), congrats to his owner, Agata Madej:


18.05.2014 - what a weekend for Whiteheads whippets!
CAC show in Radom:
- Whiteheads JAMAICA SANDS - exc. 1, Best Junior, BOS, BOB and BOG2!
- Whiteheads GEORGE CLOONEY -
exc. 1, CAC, best adult male, BOS from open class
- Whiteheads IDAHO -
exc. 1, CWC in intermediate class
- Whiteheads SILVER WATER -
exc. 1, CWC, best adult female from champion class
Congrats to all Whiteheads whippets owners! You were wonderful and thank you all for a nice day spent together! Whiteheads kennel was also BIS3 breeder kennel

Whiteheads Jamaica Sands - BOG2
Whiteheads JAMAICA SANDS - BOG2 in Radom

CAC show in Bytom:
-Whiteheads HAVAII - exc. 1, CAC, BOS, BOB, BOG3 from intermediate class, hudge congrats for
Bienko family!

Whiteheads HAWAII - BOG3
Whiteheads HAWAII - BOG3 in Bytom

07.05.2014 - at CAC show in Dobre Miasto Whiteheads SUNSHINE AFTER RAIN went exc. 1, CAC, BOS and BOB from open class and on finals BOG4. Warm congratulations!

Whiteheads SUNSHINE AFTER RAIN - BOG4 in Dobre Miasto

23.03.2014 - wonderful news from CACIB show in Katowice:
- PL J Ch Whiteheads HAWAII - opened her adult championship title with exc. 1 and CAC from intermediate class, congrats to the owners, Bienko Family:

Whiteheads HAWAII
Whiteheads HAWAII - Katowice

- Whiteheads IDAHO - exc. 1, Junior Winner, Junior BOB - closed her PL Junior Champion tittle with only 4 shows in junior class - big congrats to the owner Agnieszka Pogonska:

Whiteheads IDAHO
Whiteheads IDAHO - Katowice

We also got wonderful news from Lithuania, Whiteheads EYE CANDY at 2 days CACIB show in Riga got 2 x exc. 1 in champion class and res. CACIB! Big congrats to her owner, Inga Jankauskaite!!!

Whiteheads EYE
Whiteheads EYE CANDY - Riga

20.03.2014 - next photos of our 6 weeks old "K" puppies at Puppies site

Whiteheads KENYA - 6 weeks

13.03.2014 - we have new photos of our "K" litter 5 weeks old at our Puppies site

Whiteheads KONGO
Whiteheads KONGO - 5 weeks old

9.03.2014 - CAC Wloclawek, young (13 months old) Whiteheads IDAHO got Junior Winner, Junior BOB, BOB, BOG1 and BIS4 hunting dogs! Wonderful succes of such a youngster! Big congrats to her owner Agnieszka Pogonska!

Whiteheads IDAHO - BOG1
Whiteheads IDAHO - BOG1

8-9.03.2014 - 2 x CACIB Vilnius, Lithuania
first day:
-Whiteheads SILVER GIRL - exc. 2 in champion class
-Whiteheads EYE CANDY - exc. 5 in champion class
second day:
-Whiteheads SILVER GIRL - exc. 2 in champion class
-Whiteheads EYE CANDY - exc. 1, CAC, res. CACIB in champion class

Big congrats to the owners: Ula Wirska and Inga Jankauskaite!

Bianca & Fonia
Whiteheads EYE CANDY & Whiteheads SILVER GIRL - meeting in the ring in Vilnius

01.03.2014 - at our Puppies site there are new photos of our current litter at 3 weeks and 2 days

Whiteheads KIKUJU
Whiteheads KIKUJU - 3 weeks

16.02.2014 - CACIB Rzeszow:
- Whiteheads JAMAICA SANDS - exc. 1/4 (debiut in junior class), Junior Winner (CAJC), Junior BOB
- Karadhras AUTOBIOGRAFIA - exc. 4/4 in intermediate class
- Whiteheads SILVER WATER - exc. 2/4 in champion class

Jamaica in Rzeszow is trotting to get her Junior Winner tittle

10.02.2014 - you will find individual photos of our 4 days old "K" babies at Puppies site :-)


06.02.2014 - the 4rth generation of Whiteheads whippets is born - we have 3 boys and 5 girls - more at our Puppies site!

Litter "K"
our new born "K" litter with mother Chippie (Whiteheads CHIPPEWA)

26.01.2014 - great news! We have 4rth chamion in our "S" litter!!! At CACIB show in Glogow Otka - Whiteheads SUNSHINE SONG went ex. 1 with CAC in open class and it was the last CAC she needed to become PL Champion. Her sister Talia (Whiteheads SILVER WATER) at the same show went second in champion class with res CACIB


19.01.2014 - the show season in 2014 is opened for Whiteheads whippets! The first show at this year was CACIB Trencin in Slovakia. Fonia - Whiteheads SILVER GIRL went 2nd in champion class with res CAC - congrats Ula and Fonia!

              SILVER GIRL
Whiteheads SILVER GIRL
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